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Alan Sinclair

Alan SinclairAlan is a Centre Associate. For five years he was Senior Director for Skills and Learning at Scottish Enterprise. Prior to this he set up Heatwise which trained unemployed people to insulate houses and grew rapidly in scale and reputation. Out of this came the Wise Group and as the Chief Executive he was responsible for its growth into a range of services and its pioneering work in getting long term unemployed people into jobs with regular employers.

Alan's original interest in the early years developed as a result of his interest in the development of workplace skills. The Work Foundation, where he used to be a Fellow, published a compelling provocation by Alan (“0-5: How small children make a big difference”). Since then he has expanded his knowledge of the importance of early years and the family and now spends most of his work time writing and speaking on the topic.

The views expressed here are Alan's and do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre.

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