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n the past months at the Centre we've become interested in much of the literature and research around materialism and the consequences on well being of a materialistic value system. more


I've often found that when people think about the notion of developing a growth mindset they assume that to maximise the benefits, a growth mindset and having clearly defined goals are inextricably linked. more


At the Centre, we've been interested for a while in the numerous, recent developments from the corridors of neuroscience on discoveries about the brain. more


Over the next couple of months we'll publish the results from our collaboration with Stanford University on the use of an intervention to develop the Growth Mindset. more

18/05/2011 | 1 Comment

I've always been interested in adults who return to learning (formal or informal) who have not had the most positive formative experiences of education. more


As most of you who are regular visitors to the Centre's website know, we've become very interested in the work of Professor Carol Dweck, a social psychologist based at Stanford University in California. more

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