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Diversity and Type

Much of the well-being research stresses the importance of relationships and a sense of meaning, purpose and belonging. In this respect it is about the need to redress the individualism of our age. However, there is a difference between individualism and individuality. Individualism is primarily about self-interest whereas individuality is about being able to act authentically and to make decisions for ourselves.  Research shows that being able to act autonomously is an important part of well-being.

This means that a culture which is good at promoting the well-being of its people is able to fulfil people's need for relationships, meaning and belonging while allowing authentic self-expression and some degree of autonomy in decision-making.

In this section of the website we look at some ways in which people are different from one another. We also report on an action research project we were involved in on leadership, equality and diversity within Scottish organisations.

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