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Thriving in Turbulent Times

Tuesday 9th December, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, Glasgow University Union, University Avenue, Glasgow
In our contemporary world of credit squeezes, spiralling prices, melting ice caps, unpredictable weather and a new Cold War, many people feel they are now living in turbulent times. At this evening session different perspectives on what we can do to help us thrive through uncertain, and potentially challenging, times were outlined.

The Speakers:
Nic Marks (Head of the Centre for Well-being at the New Economics Foundation)

Nic looked at the link between money and well-being and presented evidence to show why, from a personal point of view, we need to keep the present economic crisis in perspective.

Professor Nanette Mutrie (Professor of Exercise and Sport Psychology, Department of Sport Culture and the Arts, University of Strathclyde)

Professor Mutrie is an expert on the importance of physical activity for positive feelings and good mental health and outlined how exercise helps us to develop a positive attitude.

Dr Carol Craig (Chief Executive, Centre for Confidence and Well-being)

Carol outlined the importance of optimism and hope to resilience and what we can do to boost them when we feel under pressure.

Professor Phil Hanlon (Public Health Department, University of Glasgow)

Professor Hanlon asked whether focussing less on our own  individual agendas and more on social engagement and the common good can help protect us in turbulent times.

Access the documents below for a flier on the event plus Power point presentations from Nic Marks and Nanette Mutrie.

 Nanette Mutrie's presentation (4,237 KB)
 Nic Marks presentation (1,246 KB)
 Turbulent times flier (1,079 KB)

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