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Physical activity tips

Tips to help adults meet their daily 30 minutes of moderate physical activity -

  • Build activity into your normal day by taking the stairs rather than the lift; walking to the shops; getting off the bus or train a stop earlier … .
  • Take up an active sport – but only if you enjoy it otherwise you won’t be able to keep it up.
  • Become involved in a hobby such as gardening that requires you to be on the move.
  • Work up gradually – research shows that most people give up their new exercise regime because they do too much too soon.
  • Get involved with others as this make it more difficult for you to drop out of a scheduled activity. The social element is also beneficial to mental health.
  • For added benefit exercise outdoors in a natural, green environment.

Tips for parents of children and young people

Remember that they should be active for at least one hour a day – more is beneficial. This can be made up of sport, physical education, walking, cycling, active play. Encourage them to play outdoors and walk/cycle to school when older. Be aware that the risks of coming  to serious harm through these activities may be much lower than the risks to their mental and physical health through inactivity. 

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