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What's up with Glasgow

Created by stitchus on 16/04/2010 at 16:37

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16/04/2010 16:37
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I am looking forward to reading Carol's book. My view is that a huge factor in Glasgow is the devaluing of a healthy sense of self. Children and young people are constantly bombarded with messages that they should be something other than who they are - smarter, more 'grown up', more 'confident', 'better' behaved. At the same time there is an endemic culture of putting people down for being themselves - 'too big for your boots', 'full of yersel' etc. We rarely hear that you are OK for who you are right now, we often hear that you'll be OK once you've achieved X, Y, Z. This causes a poverty of self-value and disintegration at a fundamental human level. You can see how this ripples out in different forms across the city's communities.
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