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Tears that made the Clyde

Created by stourieb@hotmail.com on 31/05/2010 at 09:29

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31/05/2010 09:29
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Although not a Glaswegian, I've just finished TTMTC and was impressed by the insights and suggestions for change in the book. There was one part in particular though that made me think that at last someone may have the foundations of the solution to Scotland love affair with alcohol. I was to be disappointed though when you didn't develop those insights but rather settled in your conclusion for the easily implemented, well tried and failed policy of increasing price and restricting availability.
I would guess Carol that your are maybe a couple of years older than me and therefore must remember the 10 O'clock closing time. Men drinking in the pubs after work, going home for their tea, back to the pub and getting as much down their neck before closing time as they can. Fish suppers and violence in the street. Extended opening hours has taken away quite a bit of that violence by reducing the amount of drunks in the street at one time but it hasn't persuaded the Scots to adopt the continental restraint. It would seem that neither way makes any difference to our consumption.

Against the argument on pricing I'll use myself and a neighbour as models. My neighbour and I are both single women around fifty. I like a glass of wine or five, rarely anything else. My neighbour likes Vodka mixed with cider. Although from different sources both of us have a low income. First I put food on the table etc. If I have anything left I treat myself to wine. Miss S. upstairs is part of a drinking community where on Giro day,each member is escorted to the post office to make sure the money is spent fairly on alcohol for all the members. Miss S's drinking is based on a top up system and needs x amount to achieve this. Raising prices for her would only mean more of her income spent achieving this and even less on food etc than there is now.
For me, I have to cut back on wine and would feel despondent that yet another of life's few pleasure has been taken away. Maybe you can explain how that would help either me or my neighbour.
I feel your original thoughts on people having the need for drama and excitement in their life's then addicted to alcohol etc and this certainly seems a trait of the dependent personality. Maybe more research needs to be done on why some people have dependent personality and help given to individual to help them understand what is happening and what they can do about it.

Your comments I also feel could be developed into tackling the problems caused mainly in young drinkers by the high they get from drinks high in a combination alchohol and caffeine. This is the sector mainly effected by binge drinking. A terrible name that makes most youngster feel they belong to a culture. You are right in your assumption and calling it 'addictive drinking' might be more of a deterrent.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on before I bore the Clyde to tears. I only really meant to say, I enjoyed the book and learnt a lot from it.
Thank you Carol
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