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How domestic violence affects children

Created by ResearchforReal on 02/07/2010 at 12:50

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02/07/2010 12:50
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I read Carol's book on a recent holiday in record time - it's a well-written and engaging book that tackles what I consider to be the main issue that underlies so many of the problems and issues that we face - alcohol, mental health, educational underachievement, health inequalities and community wellbeing (to name a few). The theme that stands out for me, is how domestic violence and abuse (in all it's forms) impacts on children. In the section on 'what is to be done' Carol mentions that the Scottish Government (really that now means local authorities) might devote more resources to tackling domestic violence and that the health, wellbeing and development of children should be the main Scottish priority. Indeed. And the two are, of course, linked.

Although with a more east-coast title - the issues raised in a new report from Scottish Women's Aid need a wider airing. It's called 'Through the eyes of a bairn' - have a look at

It's an evaluation report (I'm a co-author) based on CEDAR - a group work programme from Canada that works with both children and young people and their Mums recovering from domestic abuse. This is being piloted in Scotland at the moment. I know an evaluation report is not everyone's idea of a good read - so here's a sample quote from a child that might prompt you to bother:

Well they just helped us about our anger and all that and that we shouldnt blame ourselves for whats happened and other stuff Ive
learnt not to blame myself for things that have happened when my Mum and Dad have been fighting.
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01/11/2010 17:52
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Whilst I have not the read the book in question yet. As a survivor of physical abuse by a parent and I am 50 yrs I can only say that the impact that this has had on my relationships in the workplace and has I believe several occasions resulted in an ideal breeding ground for bullying.
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