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Created by Sparkboy on 01/06/2011 at 00:01

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01/06/2011 00:01
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I would like to congratulate Carol Craig and everyone at the Centre for Confidence for being so successful in getting paid for such a load of nonsense. Can you please pass on to me the secret of getting people, particularly those holding large public sector budgets, to give you money for no tangible benefit or service.


This whole 'Centre for Confidence' idea should have been strangled at birth, being a self promoting vehicle for a few arrogant people with absolutely no grasp of reality.
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perpetual optimist

22/03/2012 23:27
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having only just joined this site, already i'm seeking to make a point.
i TOTALLY disagree with the sentiments voiced by sparkboy.
i remember carol craig from edinburgh university. she was entertaining, informed, humourous, fun. coupled with excellent insight, formidable analytical skills - no-ones fool.
i chanced across her book whilst browsing in waterstones, my first knowledge of the centre.
i thought, 'worth a look'.
i also know of some of the others connected with the centre by reputation.
wheras i do know martin stepek, who is defintiely 'good people'.
in short, it seems to me that the centre is the focus of and has capability of achieving much good. which inarguably needs doing, & otherwise would undoubtdely not be done.
to quote ex us vice presidnet spiro t agnew, the 'nattering nabobs of neagativity' and other nay sayers, apart from their habitual toxicity, have nothing useful or constructive to add to this forum or any discussion. no change there....
good luck & best wishes to the centre & future endeavours.
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