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Post Materialism!

Created by Sylvia Brown on 17/04/2012 at 14:08

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Sylvia Brown

17/04/2012 14:08
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Hi Everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed last night and left feeling inspired and energised having spent a couple of hours with like minded people. It was a joy to be introduced to all of you and I'm excited about working with all of you to bring about meaningful change. One of my goals is to start including this topic in some of my short workshops - I'll get my website update today and I'm off to a meeting this afternoon to talk same. Thanks to everyone involved in organising the workshop and I must say I am excited about meeting again! Thanks for the link Lorraine, I'll definately have a look at it. Thanks to Libby too for offering to share with us your workshop - it sounds interesting - soooo looking forward to being part of it. Have a wonderful day everyone! Sylvia
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