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Postcards from Scotland

Who we are and what we do

... what we believe in and how we have developed

The Centre for Confidence and Well-being is a small, charitable organisation based in Scotland. Since we were set up in 2005 the Centre's perspectives and interests have broadened and evolved. Those of us involved in the Centre believe that the way people live their lives in Western societies like Scotland is unsustainable – environmentally, economically, socially and culturally. We also believe that our society is divided by unacceptable levels of inequality and that  our culture promotes materialistic and individualistic values which militate against individual and collective well-being.

We have listed below the development of our interests and how this is mirrored in the material on the website. Click on each link to read more about our thinking about this topic and what we have on offer. Use the links on the right to access more information about the Centre's activities and approach.

Other features on the website - Our Chief Executive, Carol Craig writes a regular blog.

We also have occasional blogs from Alan Sinclair, mainly on the early years, and Derek Goldman on Mindset.

You can also read more about the Centre - e.g. staff and Board - and access our annual reports in another section of the website.

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