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Important points to understand about type

1. The purpose of knowing about type is to help you understand yourself and enhance your relationship with others.

  2.  You are the one to decide what type you truly are. Your score on the Indicator suggests your probable type.

  3.  All types are equally valuable. There is no right or wrong type, no better or worse combination of types in work or relationships.

  4.  Each person is unique. 'An ENFP is like every other ENFP, like some other ENFPs and like no other ENFP.'

  5.  Everyone uses all the preferences to some degree. Our type is made up of those we most prefer using. Type therefore cannot be used to predict behaviour.

  6.  Type does not explain everything. The human personality is much too complex for that.

  7.  Number scores on the Indicator only show clarity of preference. They do not measure skills, abilities or even degree of use.

  8.  You may use type to understand or forgive yourself,  not as an excuse for doing or not doing anything.

  9.  Your type should NOT keep you from considering any career, activity or relationship.

10.  Becoming aware of type biases (we all have them!) to avoid negative stereotyping.

11.  Type will not make people work together better if they don't want to.

12.  Type is not an effective way of selecting people for teams or for jobs. Its use in this way can lead to important factors such as skills, capabilities and experience being underestimated or ignored.


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