Professor Martin Seligman

Co-founder and undisputed intellectual leader of the Positive Psychology movement. Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, past president of the American Psychological Association and author of several internationally acclaimed books including Authentic Happiness, Learned Optimism and The Optimistic Child.
01: Individualism and self-esteem and the rise of victimology & depression (5'02)

Jean M Twenge PhD

Dr. Twenge delivers talks across North America on today's young generation, based on her research and her book, Generation Me.Her generations work is based on a database of 2 million young people who filled out questionnaires between the 1930s and the present on self-esteem, narcissism, anxiety, depression, expectations for the future, and other traits, attitudes, and behaviors.
01a: Introduction to ?Generation Me? research methodology

01b: Self-Esteem: its importance and growth in the USA

01c: The rise of narcissism

01d: The rise of anxiety in young people

01e: Rise in blame, cynicism and materialism

01f: Implications of these changes for education and business

01g: Response in the US to Twenge?s ?Generation Me? research

Professor Jenny Crocker

Research Professor at the Research Center for Group Dynamics and a Professor Psychology at the University of Michigan. Principal Investigator at the Contingencies of Self-Esteem laboratory. Co-author of the article The Costly Pursuit of Self-Esteem.
02a: The problem with self-esteem (5'12)

02b: The costs associated with normal fluctuations (4'49)

02c: Vulnerability to depression from contingent (15'47)

02d: Ego-system vs eco-system goals (6'38)

02e: Effects of ego/eco system goals on well-being (9'04)

02f: How everyone has both sets of goals (2'50)

02g: Summary of findings from various research studies on the pursuit of self-esteem (1'27)

Professor Nicholas Emler

Nicholas Emler is a professor of psychology at the University of Surrey.
He is author of The Costs and Causes of Low Self-worth.
These recordings were made at the Centre's Vanguard event in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 25th October 2006.
03a: Introduction to self-esteem

03b: The claims made for self-esteem

03c: What is self-esteem?

03d: Variations in self-esteem

03e: So what does the evidence show?

03f: General conclusions

03g: The relative immunity of established self-esteem