'well-being is a positive and sustainable condition that allows individuals, groups or nations to thrive and flourish.  Well-being....requires an integrated approach, one that embraces mind, body, society, and the environment. Understanding how individuals and communities can be helped to thrive and flourish could be of great benefit to our citizens, our educators and our leaders '    Felicity Huppert, Nick Baylis & Barry Keverne., 2005


Well-being is not just about the lack of disease or illness or the absence of anxiety or depression. Well-being is a state of complete physical, mental and social health.

Well-being and exercise

We all know that exercise is good for our health, staving off conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, digestive problems and so forth as well as protecting us against the negative effects of stress.

The impact of choice

For many of us living in the west, ?choice? is synonymous with freedom. Our ability, within our consumer society, to choose from myriad goods, services, or ways to spend our time, is seen as symbolic of our freedom and autonomy.

Well-being and politics

A sense of subjective well-being appears to be linked to democracy and freedom. In a study of 55 nations, the American psychologist Ed Diener showed that societal equality and human rights had a strong correlation with well-being.