The Walking Tall programme

Breathe Consulting has designed a 12 week programme of workshops which combine techniques and interventions from the field of Positive Psychology and Life Coaching, as well as Mindfulness and Meditation. The programme is based on the belief that within us all are the building blocks of our own wellbeing and happiness.

The programme is aimed at disengaged youth aged 11 to 18.  Breathe Consulting and a South London youth development charity, called Yourstory, are currently running pilot schemes for a number of schools.

Breathe?s philosophy

?In order to help people become aware of their inner strengths and inherent happiness, we believe that it is necessary to work with their minds, bodies and spirit.  We also believe that happiness is an inside out and an outside in process; if we can encourage people to raise their gaze and improve their posture, they immediately feel good about themselves and find it easier to connect in a positive way to their fellow man.  Each of the workshops therefore contains elements of stretching and basic Yoga postures.?


? To raise the levels of wellbeing of the young people we work with

? To foster hope and nurture the strengths that already lie within

? To help them reach out to their fellow man with confidence and compassion

? To help them identify the things they yearn for and teach techniques for developing pathways to their future

? To instil a belief that we can all learn new things; especially in areas where our passions lie

? To show how mindful awareness of this moment allows us to express our strengths to the best of our ability

? To foster confidence through physical openness

Next steps
Funding for the current pilot programme has been received from local businesses, including Jubilee Hall gyms, Shell, IPC Media and Media Edge.  We are still looking for partner organizations to help roll the scheme out to other schools.

If you are interested in obtaining further information or to meet the team, contact Andy Roberts or Andy McKinney: