Have a Heart Paisley

Have a heart Paisley(HaHP) is one of three national demonstration projects funded by the Scottish Executive, tackling Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

 It aims to improve the heart health of the people of Paisley and help to guide future policy and practice in the prevention and treatment of heart disease throughout Scotland.  Now in a second phase of operation, the project is delivering a programme of work through Primary and Secondary prevention activities.  The two main target groups for HaHP activities are:

 those at risk of developing heart disease between the ages of 45-60
 those with existing CHD

One of the major components of HaHP activity is testing a client led 'Health Coaching' method to promote positive health behaviour change relating to healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco use.  Health Coaches provide one to one support and individualised guidance for those who wish to improve their health within the two target groups.  Primary Prevention Health Coaches work with those at risk of CHD to help motivate change in the three risk factor areas.  Secondary Prevention Health Coaches work with those with existing CHD and concentrate in motivating change in physical activity behaviour only, though will signpost clients to services for the other risk factor areas if required.

One component of the health coaching programme is taking measurement of participants optimism levels (using the Centre for Confidence and Well-being recommended 'Life Orientation Test-Revised scale) at the start and end of a 12 month health coaching programme.  These levels provide information to health coaches about clients' well-being.  They will also be analysed soon in relation to a number of factors to provide insight into the realtionship between optimism and health behaviour change within the population.  A full evaluation of the project is also being conducted, led by Edinburgh University's Research Unit for Health Behaviour Change.

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