Tips and Techniques

Using a solution focus approach

A 'solution focus' approach has much to offer those interested in Positive Psychology. Here we outline the history and key ideas behind solution focus as well as some suggestions for how it can be applied.

Postpone Worrying

Studies have found that attempting to avoid thinking about something we would like to forget results in us thinking about it more often (Wegner, 1994, Ironic processes of mental control) Try this by deciding not to think of a blue sheep for the next minute!

You at Your Best

Martin Seligman and colleagues have found that people can increase their well-being by writing about a time when they were at their best and reflecting on this daily for a week.

Create a Positive Psychology Study group

Studies have shown that reading about strategies for increasing your satisfaction in various areas of your life can ward off depression.

Finding your signature strengths

In Authentic Happiness Professor Seligman urges individuals to take the VIA and see what their top five strengths are.