10 tips for boosting happiness

Do something meaningful
Undertake something worthwhile - ie something where the achievement is not just about you but serves a larger goal. ?This could mean doing charity work or helping out a friend.

Work it out
Do more exercise.? Research shows that taking exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week, fights depression.

Be thankful
Cultivate gratitude.? At the end of each day, write down three things you have felt grateful for, such as having a nice meal or speaking to your mother.

Worry not
Don?t become obsessed with how you feel. ?Remember bad feelings don?t last. Worrying too much about something, and ruminating, without taking action to rectify it will make you feel worse.

Hobby time
Spend more time on hobbies and things that you find are absorbing and stimulating.

Switch off
Watch less television.? Watching TV is not a rewarding experience and usually leads to boredom and apathy.

Loving arms
Spend time with loved ones and cultivating relationships. All the happiness research shows that being married is more important for happiness than anything else.?

You?ll get by
Spend more time with friends and the people you like. The most successful happiness boosters can be the relationships we have with other people.

Just a job
Do not let your job overtake everything else in your life. If you commute long ?distances every day really think about whether this is undermining your happiness. Getting a job closer to home, even if you reduce your income, may increase your happiness.?

Use an ad break
Cut down on exposure to advertising, as it encourages you to compare yourself with other people and ultimately to feel dissatisfied with what you have. If you're female this may mean giving up reading women's magazines.?