Tips and Techniques

How to Improve Well-Being through Better Sleep

Well-being expert Dr Nick Baylis, author of Learning From Wonderful Lives, offers these tips for getting a better night?s sleep:

Sleep Code for Children

Charles Leadbeater in the Demos think-tank report Dream On: Sleep in the 24/7 Society makes several recommendations for addressing what he call the ?sleep deficit?, including:

Take Flowers/Plants to Someone Who is Ill

Studies have shown that the natural environment has therapeutic effects, and can help with recovery from illness. If someone is ill in hospital it is commonplace for people to give them flowers.

Buy Your Granny a Plant

Studies have shown that giving elderly people in a nursing home a plant to look after helps them to stay mentally and physically active for longer.

Reducing Anxiety by Restricting Choices

We live in a world with many options. We have to make choices about what to buy or where to eat, which means that we are missing out on other opportunities.

Heart Coherence

David Servan Schreiber is a French psychiatrist who works in the US. In his best-selling book he argues for the need for ?a new medicine of emotion? ? drug free, alternative approaches to curing stress, anxiety and depression.