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Bounce Back

The Centre's contact with schools has brought into sharp focus the fact that parents' desire to protect their young people from bad feelings is eroding their resilience.

We passionately believe that encouraging professionals working with young people, and parents, to understand resilience better will help young people to flourish and foster good mental health. Elsewhere on the site we have a section dedicated to a more theoretical approach to resilience and how it can be encouraged. Here we set out our more practical work and resources. This includes:

The root of the resilience problem in school

Theoretical background to resilience

The Bounce Back programme

Perth and Kinross Council's research into the use of Bounce Back

Comments from previous course participants

Should resilience be taught in schools?

The Centre's 10 key messages

Three powerful resiliency building tools

Resilience introductory powerpoint for parents and teachers

Further reading on the Centre's view of resilience

The Centre would like to thank the Scottish Government for supporting our work on resilience. The views represented here, however, do not necessarily reflect those of the Scottish Government.

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