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Comments from previous course participants

Below is just a selection of the many positive comments taken from the evaluation forms that we received after running our first Bounce Back course with Toni Noble in February 2007.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. I feel much more positive myself and will be trying to change my classroom approach for the benefit of my children.  I am very positive!
  • I leave feeling very passionate about Bounce Back and can't wait to get my resource book and use it with my class.
  •  It ticks so many boxes: health; wellbeing; language development; curriculum for excellence; and critical thinking.
  • Bounce Back is a great, user-friendly concept.
  • A clear overview was given, methodology shared and experienced. This is very well supported by a practical programme.
  • I have enjoyed all aspects. The workshops as tasters were useful and the use of the literature was very purposeful.
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