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Professor Jane Aldgate: Better support for vulnerable children

The Scottish social work services contribution to the event was led by Professor Jane Aldgate who set out the Getting It Right for Every Child  aims and programme with updates from the Highland Pathfinder Project. Jane argued that  effecting the changes was still a long road ahead for all professionals involved but already clear results from innovative practices could be seen; such as 75 per cent drop in referrals from Police to the Reporter in one pilot area. Jane spent some time outlining a useful way to think about resilience. She also argued for the importance of providing special protection for vulnerable children.

Download Professor Aldgate?s Powerpoint presentation: 'Better support for vulnerable children' below

You can listen to Professor Aldgate talk about Getting it Right for Every Child by following this  link http://www.iriss.ac.uk/node/492


 Jane Aldgate presentation (841 KB)

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