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Postcards from Scotland

Carol Craig's new book available March 2010


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Carol Craig subjects Glasgow's post-industrial image of itself as 'Scotland with style' to a long-overdue and honest scrutiny. The city's motto rings out 'Let Glasgow Flourish' yet this book powerfully shows that many citizens languish as a result of mental ill health, illness, deprivation, worklessness, gangs, drink and family breakdown.

The book's particular blend of history, politics, literature, sociology and psychology changes forever the way we see the city.

Two strands of argument are particularly persuasive: the damaging effects of pronounced inequality and the corrosive dynamic which emerged within many families.

These arguments make it essential reading for anyone brought up in Glasgow as well as those searching for ways to heal this factured city.

Comment on the book and the issues raised in it or tell us about what you are doing to improve life in Glasgow.

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