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Type Resources (MBTI)

In everyday life we know that people are different. We can see, for example, that people are motivated by different things. But without some kind of theory, or framework, to understand and explain these differences we tend not to take them seriously and simply dismiss them as the result of chance.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™)  is a questionnaire designed to help understand these differences more constructively.  The MBTI is an instrument and like all instruments it can be used well or it can be used badly. Considered use of the MBTI can enhance an individual’s self-respect and ultimately their respect for others. Improper or unsophisticated use can lead to self-criticism or to stereotyping of various kinds.

What’s more people are very complex and everyone does not fit neatly into the MBTI scheme. Undoubtedly there are people who are not adequately described by the 16 personality types or who just do not have clear type preferences.

When reading these materials please bear in mind that we think that the MBTI has a contribution to make in helping us to understand ways in which we may differ from one another. We do not think it 'the answer' or the only useful perspective.

We have a huge number of pages and resources on the MBTI and so we have divided them into sections and throughout this section you can access them on the left-hand menu. Please make sure you read our list of important points to understand about type.

Carol Craig, the Centre's Chief Executive has written this information. She is also the creator of Enspired Profiles. You can read a version of Carol's 16 Enspired Profiles and are accessed on the left-hand menu. The original Enspired Profiles are also available for sale for workshop and coaching use.

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