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Changes at the Centre

As a result of a major cut in funding from the Scottish Government the Centre is changing the way it operates. Instead of becoming a part-time version of ourselves we've decided to go for a more radical reorganisation. Essentially this means that, at the end of December, we give up our office in Glasgow and go virtual. 

Those of you who mainly access the Centre via the web (rather than via events) will actually benefit from this reorganisation as we're going to do even more on-line. We'll have more time to add new material and to help keep the  website up to date. We're also planning a new front page and new features such as 'webinars' and videos.

From the beginning of 2011 we are also broadening the focus of our work and bringing to the website new material and perspectives.

We're also planning a series of networking/discussion events around Scotland which we are calling 'Centre exchanges'. Dates and information about these will be posted in the new year. 

We shall also be exploring ways of exploiting new technology and new media.

As a result of all these changes - 

  • The Centre can only be contacted via email, and not by telephone. (contact@centreforconfidence.co.uk) We shall try to answer emails as quickly as we can, given the reduced staff.
  • We shall not have the facility to take on people as interns.
  • There will be reduced opportunity for meetings with our Chief Executive, Carol Craig. Since we won't have office accommodation and because of pressure on her time, Carol is reducing the number of face to face meetings she has with people
  • We shall be running fewer events. Any we hold will be free and simple to run.
  • We shall no longer be able to process on-line book or card sales and require you to send a cheque. Please contact the Centre for more details.

The Centre has not resisted the funding cut as we think it fair that we have to review how we operate and come up with potentially more cost effective ways of contributing.

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